Tuesday, 31 July 2012

meeting of the MINDs

Artist number three

I am happy to report that MIND charity will be the recipients of funds raised through sales of the works from the show.  Having discussed options with them, they have agreed to allocate 50% of proceeds to their Creative Therapies Fund which feels relevant to the inspiration for this project; Georgie found herself more than once in psychiatric wards and would turn to art to help her through those times.  Her endeavors were self initiated.  Had she been offered the chance to work through her struggles in a guided therapeutic environment using art, she may well have benefited further.

The venue has still to be decided but now that the charity is confirmed,  the rest should fall into place more quickly.  There is  a new person on board to help with the project.  George Little has recently graduated from the RCA and aside from making strange (in a good way) paintings, he is about to cycle to Denmark and back for the hell of it.  A touch of insanity is all that is required for the job so he's hired.