Wednesday, 14 March 2012

21 and counting

The erratic blogging style is more a reflection on my personal life rather than the progress of the project I am happy to report.  Since the last entry, 5 more artists have participated, taking the  number to 21.  There have been giant peas on trees, technicolour forests, fountains and ten pence moons.

I intend to ask questions to each of the artists involved about their views regarding art making and the unquiet mind.  Does an art practice irritate or relieve symptoms of mental illness?  Or both?

After a hiatus period of focusing on my own art practice whilst fiddling about on a ukelele in between the humdrum of mothering small children, I have discovered how closely linked this project is with my own working process.  Freeform stories, always teetering on the edge of nonsense and only finding salvation in the tenuous threads lurking beneath the images that hint of a more substantial meaning.